Want to move to Norway? We got jobs

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Do you have a desire to move to Norway? Verto may help you find jobs in idyllic towns by Norway’s beautiful west coast. We currently have several job openings for you to apply on.

Verto is a norwegian staffing agency. We deliver workers to all industries and disciplines, and help companies across Norway to find both Norwegian and foreign labour.

Register your CV

Not all of our job openings are advertised, so it is important to register your CV. If we find a match with one of our customers, we will contact you for possible job options.

See our advertised job postings here.

Beautiful surroundings

Nature is Norway’s biggest attraction, and you have the opportunity to live nearby deep fjords, majestic waterfalls, breathtaking lakes, islands and quiet mountains!

We look forward hearing from you, and we hope we may help make your move to Norway a reality!